Economic Generator: an organization that causes more money to flow into their community than they send out of their community

Innovation Network: an organizational structure with which enterprises implement business innovation faster and more efficiently

Alpena has a long history of building success from within and creating economic growth for the region.

Even when facing extreme challenges, the community has proven its ability to rally and succeed, reinventing itself, often relying on a combination of natural resources, intellectual property, and innovative processes.

In an effort to continue this positive trend, an Innovation Network was developed, called the Economic Generator Network (EGN).

The Economic Generator Network is made up of Northeast Michigan citizens and organizations who have a shared goal of continually improving the economic vitality of Northeast Michigan citizens by solving product-related problems for people around the world.

To achieve this, EGN members catalyze the application of unique competencies and resources of Northeast Michigan in ways that deliver products and services that transcend the effectiveness of existing solutions for customers worldwide.

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The Economic Generator Network operates under a strict set of core values because they believe in fairness and effectiveness.

The Economic Generator Network also holds close the following success strategies: